Who Manages my street?

Many Ladera Ranch residents don’t know that our streets, parks and facilities are managed by many different entities.  Some streets in our community are managed by the County, while others are managed by LARMAC and some are managed by a neighborhood sub-association.  So who should a resident contact when they have a question or safety concern?

In an effort to help residents navigate this question, the council has provided a list of neighborhood streets and which entity manages them. To determine whether your street is managed through the County, through LARMAC or through a sub-association, residents can look up their street name in the document below.

Neighborhood Street List

If a resident determines that their home is managed by a sub-association, they can look up the appropriate contact here – Sub Association List

For streets managed by LARMAC (namely Covenant Hills), residents can direct inquiries to this email address – contact.larmac@laderalife.com

For streets managed by the county, residents can contact the Civic Council here – council@lrciviccouncil.org