The Civic Council is 100% volunteer run and 100% passion driven. Right now we’re looking for interested members of the community to take part in our annual elections. We have four seats up for election.

The only requirements are that you be over 18 years of age, have lived in Ladera for at least six months and most importantly, have a desire to see Ladera grow and continue to be a wonderful place to call home.

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Joe Brenneman –  I am interested in serving our great community as a director with the Ladera Ranch Civic Council. My wife, Beth, and I have lived in Ladera for over 12 years. We have four sons: Cory, Nick, Kyle and Derek. We have loved our experience here and have found it a great place to raise our family. We have many fond memories of our children growing up here-and all of the great times with friends in the neighborhood and through school, athletics, groups and Ladera events. We should not take our great community for granted. We need to work together to maintain our quality neighborhood. I am ready and willing to serve Ladera by giving back through service on the Civic Council. I pledge to put Ladera first. I pledge to focus on protecting and improving our community. And I pledge to work with the council to make sure that we are top of mind in Orange County government. My professional experience, past work as a Director with non-profit & business district councils and my passion for Ladera Ranch make me the ideal candidate for this position. I humbly ask for your support. Thank you. 

Gary Kephart – 
As a resident of an unincorporated community which relies on county services, I understand how the needs of our community can be diluted and even lost amidst the requests to the county from other communities. I believe that the civic council serves a vital purpose to the roughly 23,000 residents of Ladera by bringing a cohesive representation of our community to the county. I would like to remain a part of the civic council to continue to help publicize the council to our residents and to help it become even more effective at solving the problems facing our community.

Elections Timeline

  • Election Dates – September 13th – September 17th, 2017
  • Certification of Election Results and Install new Council members – September 18th, 2017

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