Imagine Ladera

PrintThe County of Orange provides important public services such as public safety, street sweeping, trash service, road infrastructure improvements, and many other services.  As one of the communities within the County’s jurisdiction, our local tax dollars fund many activities in Ladera Ranch but also in other unincorporated communities throughout the County of Orange.  The County also makes important decisions in or around Ladera Ranch concerning land use, transportation, and economic development.  These decisions directly affect the overall quality of life in our community. As our community continues to grow, it is time consider whether it makes sense for Ladera Ranch to take a greater leadership role in its future development.

The Ladera Ranch Civic Council understands the importance of ensuring that the community’s voice is heard and that future decisions concerning local governance are made directly by the people of this community.  To put it plainly, the Civic Council wants you to be involved in deciding the future of our community.  For these reasons, the Civic Council has been engaged in preliminary discussions with the County about the potential future local governance options.  In doing so, the Civic Council desires to work in partnership with our community to understand its needs and work collaboratively toward the future.  To help with that effort, the Civic Council developed “Imagine Ladera” program.

What is Imagine Ladera?

Imagine Ladera is a collaborative community outreach effort designed to showcase the community’s vision for the future of Ladera Ranch.  The Civic Council is working with key decision-makers at the County and the Local Agency Formation Commission (“LAFCO”) to help build a path toward local governance.  This means that decisions concerning the future of Ladera Ranch are being discussed today.  As these discussions progress, the Civic Council feels strongly that our community should participate actively in this process.  To that end, Imagine Ladera includes opportunities for our community to get involved.  These include the formation of the Local Governance Task Force, the 2014 Ladera Ranch Community Survey, and town-hall style meetings and workshops.  The future of Ladera Ranch is being decided today, make sure you voice is heard!

Want to stay informed?

In October of 2015 LAFCO released the draft report of what a Ladera city might look like. Read the report and the Civic Council’s response.

How can I help decide the future of Ladera Ranch?

Join the Ladera Ranch Local Governance Task Force. A group of dedicated community volunteers that meet to discuss the local governance process.  This is an exciting opportunity to be involved in something unique and help establish the new foundations of your community.

Attend Civic Council and Town Hall meetings.  The Civic Council meets once per month, every third Monday.  Attend a meeting and join the discussion and offer your suggestions.  The Civic Council values your participation, please be sure to offer your comments in person or in writing.

Questions or Comments?  Please e-mail us at