The Civic Council adopted it’s annual goals at the January 2017 Public meeting.


  1. Hold Public Meetings to provide opportunities for public engagement and
    discussion; creating a forum for civil discourse and an exchange of ideas.
  2. Meet and work collaboratively with the 5th District Supervisor, other elected
    officials, and County representatives to discuss issues and address concerns
    for the community.
  3. Meet and work collaboratively with local community organizations such as
    LARMAC, LARCS, and the Ladera Rancho Chamber of Commerce.
  4. Provide regular updates to the community regarding public projects and other
    actions taken the Orange County Board of Supervisors that may impact the
  5. Work with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department to keep the community
    updated regarding public safety.
  6. Increase membership of the Civic Council by engaging in community outreach
  7. Increase sponsorship of the Civic Council to ensure it maintains a balanced
    budget relative to its annual expenditures.
  8. Attend and plan special events such as the annual State of the Community, the Fourth of July Celebration, and Town Hall Meetings to discuss specialized topics of discussion.
  9. Advance work of the Ad-Hoc Committees, soliciting further direction from the entire Civic Council regarding actions that may require staff resources or extensive communication with County officials.
  10. Monitor State Legislation that could have an impact to the community, adopting positions on proposed bills as appropriate and making certain recommendations to the 5th District Supervisor.