The Ladera Ranch Civic Council is the precursor to a local incorporated government that provides input to the Orange County governing boards as the Ladera Ranch civic representation. The purpose of the Council is to encourage and gather public comment on a range of topics which may affect the community and represent the interests of Ladera Ranch residents as their Council. Meetings discuss and provide input on: planning and land use,a public safety, public works, and other municipal related services. The Council consists of seven elected council members.

The Council meets the third Monday of each month from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm at the Santa Margarita Water District board room located at 26111 Antonio Pkwy.

Our Next Public Meeting will be Monday, August 17th


Southern California Gas Company Moves Ahead with Advanced Meter Project

Paul Simon with the Gas Company presented the project to the Civic Council on July 20.  The Advanced Metering Project will allow the Gas Company to remotely read gas meters.  The first part of the project is installing receiving units throughout the community.  This includes installing 8-9 poles that match the existing light poles but, will be 26 feet tall.  On top will be a small box which is the receiver, antennas, and a solar panel.  Mr. Simon’s provide a presentation that outlined where each pole is to be installed and pictures of each location.  The locations are generally in parkways lining up with the streetlights.  These locations are also being reviewed with LARMAC.  They also have knocked on the doors of residents that could potentially be affected.  The Gas Company hopes to move forward installing the poles starting in August. There are currently two installations of the receivers in Ladera.  See if you can find them. You can go to the Civic Council website for locations. ( I will send you pictures)

The second part of the project is to install radio transmitters on the face of each gas meter.  The radio will transmit the reading to the Gas Company with less than two minutes of transmission per year.  The information will only contain the meter number and the current reading.  Transmissions will be encrypted and the battery is expected to last 20 years.  Some advantages of the project will be no meter readers entering your property, fewer trucks on the road and if there is an issue, the Gas Company will know sooner and can notify the user.  Meter readers are being retrained for new positions within the Gas Company; no one is losing their job.

Review the SDG&E presentation here.

Council Elections, Call for Nominations

On June 1, the LRCC will start accepting candidate applications for the LRCC board elections in September.  The deadline is July 17th.  This year four seats are up for election and two board members are not rerunning.  At a minimum we will have two new board members.  The LRCC is an advocacy group for Ladera Ranch, serving to help in civic matters and promoting the greater good of the community.  Interested?  We are always looking for those who want to help their community.  You only need to be a resident for 6 months, 18 years old, and a member of the LRCC. Download the Candidate Statement form here.


  • Council Shows Support for 4-way Stop on Narrow Canyon: At the September Public meeting the council heard from citizens on the need for a 4-way stop to be installed at the corner of Narrow Canyon & Aura Lane. In response to this request, the Council voted unanimously to request such a stop be installed. The Council has drafted a letter to the County Traffic Committee who will take up the matter at their October Public meeting. The full letter can be viewed here.
  • Council approves left-turn lane near Oso Grande Elementary
  • Oso Grande Elementary School Traffic Survey OC PUBLIC WORKS SURVEY: Please look for a survey in your child’s Thursday folder from the Orange County Public Works. They are collecting anonymous data from our parents in … Posted Feb 10, 2014, 7:09 AM by Ladera Ranch Civic Council
  • Cameron’s Way Recap On February 1, The parents of Cameron Cook, Doug Cook and Boh Witiuk, invited the public to join them for an informal dedication of Orange County’s approved street name … Posted Feb 10, 2014, 7:06 AM by Ladera Ranch Civic Council
  • Cameron’s Way On January 14, the County Board of Supervisors approved a street name change of Stone Brier Lane to Cameron’s Way in Avendale in recognition of Cameron Cook, an honor … Posted Jan 31, 2014, 7:13 AM by Ladera Ranch Civic Council

Ladera Ranch Civic Council Recent Accomplishments

  • Worked with the county to build a left turn out of the Terramor Water Park
  • Helped get a 4-way stop sign installed at Narrow Canyon & Aura Lane
  • Worked with the County to solve traffic concerns on Benjamin Drive & Oso Grande
  • Successfully advocated for the donation of two OC Sheriff’s Department Bike Patrols
  • Supported the steps to create the Ladera Ranch Military Banner Program
  • Facilitated the completion of the track and pool at San Juan Hills High School
  • Have represented Ladera residents on many key issues by bringing in speakers to meetings