The Ladera Ranch Civic Council is the precursor to a local incorporated government that provides input to the Orange County governing boards as the Ladera Ranch civic representation. The purpose of the Council is to encourage and gather public comment on a range of topics which may affect the community and represent the interests of Ladera Ranch residents as their Council. Meetings discuss and provide input on: p
lanning and land use, public safety, public works, and other municipal related services. The Council consists of seven elected council members.

The Council meets the third Monday of every other month, unless a holiday conflicts, from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm at the Oak Knoll Clubhouse located at 28192 O’Neill Drive, Ladera Ranch, CA 92694

Community Reminder: Safety Standards for Holiday Decorations in Public Areas

Ladera Ranch Civic Council Election Results Certified

Joe Brenneman (Chair) – term runs through September 2021
Ed Gow (Vice Chair) – term runs through September 2022
J Ocana (Treasurer) – term runs through September 2022
Matthew Bottomly (Secretary) – term runs through September 2022
Rosemary Scott – term runs through September 2021
Justin Finch – term runs through September 2021
Adam Henningsen – term runs through September 2022

LRCC 2020 Election: Meet the Candidates

The Ladera Ranch Civic Council will hold a general election from August 25 through September 11, 2020. There are four positions up for election. Details on voting will be posted at a later date.

In addition, the Ladera Ranch Civic Council will host a Meet the Candidates Night, via public Zoom meeting, on August 24, 2020 at 6pm (download the agenda here – Meet the Candidates Night Agenda.)  All residents are welcome to log in and learn more from our 2020 LRCC candidates. Please register for the event here.

Your 2020 LRCC candidates and their statements are below:

Ed Gow (Incumbent)

“A Ladera Ranch resident since 2011 and a member of the Civic Council since 2018, I have had the pleasure of serving as the treasurer of the Council since 2019, the chair of the safety committee since 2018, and the chair of the traffic committee in 2018-2019. My work strengthening our communications and relationship with Orange County’s Public Works Department, Sheriff’s Department, and Fire Authority, as well as the California Highway Patrol, has provided residents of Ladera Ranch with increased access to staff and resources.

As a local business owner, as well as a strong supporter of San Juan Hills High School, and a mentor with the Tiger Woods Foundation’s Early Woods Scholarship Program, my continued attention to the well-being and support of the community are of great importance. I will work tirelessly to ensure that Ladera Ranch remains an integral part of Orange County’s ongoing and future planning.”

Matthew Bottomly

“My wife and I chose to start our family and raise our children here in Ladera Ranch because of Ladera’s impressive schools, strong sense of community, and great green spaces. However, Ladera is limited by its status as an unincorporated community. The community is currently subject to the highly questionable OC Board of Supervisors.

This year – and the many challenges all of our families have faced – demonstrates how important it is to have strong and proactive leadership that understands the citizens and the community. For Ladera to grow and thrive, Ladera needs to move toward control and responsibility for its own governance. For now, that includes communicating and ensuring our neighborhoods’ needs and hopes to the OC Board of Supervisors, but in time, we can all hope for an independent and incorporated Ladera Ranch.

I hope to provide my experience as a patent attorney – a career that exists at the intersection of cutting edge technology and centuries old federal law – to assist the community in navigating any legal hurdles while consistently engaging with and absorbing the recommendations of our scientists and health professionals.”

J. Ocana

“I have lived in Ladera Ranch for almost 19 years with my wife Jennifer and our four children. I have been involved in coaching football, baseball, softball and soccer. Now looking to make the next step in helping lead our amazing town. Ladera has grown and changed dramatically over the years. There have been considerable “growing pains” over that time that are becoming more of an issue than ever before. The creation of Rancho Mission Viejo and opening up of La Pata, while positive changes, has caused our traffic to explode. Some of our small roadways are turning into unsafe speedways. We have had a lot of turnover in our retail/commercial spaces that need to be addressed, as Ladera doesn’t need more banks or cellphone stores, but definitely needs more independent restaurants and small retail. These are just some of the issues facing our community, so I think more than ever we need bold leadership to contend with them. I am an entrepreneur and small business owner in RSM, serve on multiple boards including a foundation I helped launch supporting kids with autism, and have a considerable amount of executive experience making decisions. I look forward to serving you!”

Michael Rajkowski

“It took a pandemic to get us all focusing on being at home in Ladera Ranch. Our community has changed and grown over these past few month, and I expect there is more we can do.

I wish to serve as a Ladera Ranch Council Member, learn how the LRCC works with local government and get more involved with the future growth of beloved community.

As someone new to public service, I will bring an open mind to the issues and challenges we face, and hope to promote plans and initiatives to the community in a way that is fair and consistent.”

Adam Henningsen

“I am a strong believer in taking actions to make necessary changes to improve our community, county, state and country. I desire to join LRCC so I can advocate for our great community and drive the changes that make sense for our community.

I am very pragmatic in my decision making. I am very fiscally conscious, so I very concerned with our communities hard earned tax dollars being used wisely. I am a big proponent of small business growth and taking positions that drive that goal. By encouraging small business, we are feeding the engine that will provide resources to drive growth and improvement into our schools, infrastructure, public safety, and beyond.

I would be honored to help provide my community the strong voice that we need to keep our community great.”

Request for Candidates: Run for LRCC!

The Ladera Ranch Civic Council will have its annual elections in August 2020. Residents who wish to run for the LRCC must submit their Candidate Statement before July 31, 2020. Voting will open late August through September 11, 2020. For additional information, contact us here – council@lrciviccouncil.org.

Public Hearing re: no right turn on Benjamin Parkway during peak hours

The Orange County Traffic Committee has scheduled a public hearing on June 18, 2020 at 9am, to discuss a no right turn on red proposal from Antonio Parkway to Benjamin Parkway. This proposal would restrict right turns on a red light during peak hours, Monday-Friday 7-9am and 4-6pm. Residents can learn more information about the proposal and the hearing here – OCTC June Traffic Committee

OCPW Provides Results to Benjamin Parkway Traffic Study

Residents of Ladera Ranch are asked to provide feedback on the Benjamin Parkway traffic study. The study can be viewed here.  Please submit all feedback to council@lrciviccouncil.org before April 24, 2020.

COVID-19 Resources

As Ladera Ranch residents grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, the Council has compiled some resources for our residents. Please be mindful that all LRCC and LARMAC events and activities have been postponed. The Center for Disease Control and the California Department of Public Health has recommended that all residents practice social distancing and that residents over 65 self-quarantine.


CDC – https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/cases-in-us.html

The State of California

California Department of Public Health https://www.cdph.ca.gov/Programs/CID/DCDC/Pages/Immunization/ncov2019.aspx

Orange County


Our Next Public Meeting will be
Monday, March 16, 2020

Update: this meeting has been postponed. Please join the Ladera Ranch Civic Council for its upcoming meeting, on Monday, March 16 at 7pm. We meet at the Oak Knoll Clubhouse. The agenda for the meeting will be posted not less than 72 hours in advance of the meeting. Residents can view the agenda here – March 16, 2020 Agenda

Vice-Chair Heather Redd is Principal for a Day

Our very own Vice-Chair Heather Redd had the pleasure of serving as Principal for the Day at Ladera Ranch Elementary School. Special thanks to Capistrano Unified School District for inviting the Council to participate and to the staff and students at LRES.

Civic Council Appoints newest member

The Ladera Ranch Civic Council is pleased to welcome its newest member, Justin Finch. Justin is currently the chair of the Local Governance Committee. 

Justin is the Water Use Efficiency Analyst for Mesa Water District where he administers water use efficiency programs and services. Justin leads coordination efforts with other government agencies and establishes working relationships with local businesses, property managers, and homeowners.  Justin is also currently the Vice-Chair of the California Water Efficiency Partnership, a state-wide organization focused on water efficiency policy, programs, and research. Justin graduated from San Jose State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Studies, and California Polytechnic State University with a Master of Public Policy degree.  He is also certified as a Water Use Efficiency Practitioner, Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor, Certified Landscape Water Manager, and a Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper. 

Justin lives in Oak Knoll with his wife and two daughters. You’ll catch the Finch Family around town enjoying Ladera Ranch’s many walking trails and parks.

Civic Council Seeks New Member

The Ladera Ranch Civic Council has a vacant seat and is seeking applications from residents who wish to serve their community. Residents can apply by submitting the LRCC Candidate and Ethics Statement before January 21, 2020.

A new member will then be appointed by the Council, according to its Bylaws, Article IV, Section 7A, which read: “ Councilmember may be appointed to the Council to fill a vacancy at any time by the vote of a majority of all Councilmembers. The appointed Councilmember will serve out the remaining term of the vacant seat to which he/she was appointed. The Council will notify the community of any vacancies and will request candidacy statements with a minimum of fourteen (14) calendars days’ notice for potential candidates to respond.”

LRCC Election Results

Congratulations to Joe Brenneman, Margaret Novak and Rosemary Scott, who were elected to the Ladera Ranch Civic Council. Councilmember Scott will join incumbents Chair Brenneman and Novak, along with Councilmembers Gow, Boutwell, Ramsey and Vice Chair Redd, whose seats were not up for reelection. Your Council looks forward to serving the Ladera Ranch community!

LRCC & Ladera Rancho Chamber of Commerce announce the “SLOW your roll” campaign

In light of recent tragic events in Ladera Ranch, the Civic Council and Chamber of Commerce have developed a public safety campaign, called “SLOW your roll.”  This campaign encourages Ladera Ranch drivers and children to Stop, Look, Obey and Wave, while they drive, bike and walk throughout the community.

Coupled with the campaign, is the Ladera Play It Safe Pledge. Drivers who sign the Pledge promise to obey speed limits and posted signs, to avoid distractions, such as cell phones, and to use caution when backing out of driveways and when entering and exiting communities. Children who sign the Pledge promise to wear a helmet while riding bikes, skateboards and scooters. Children also pledge to cross the street safely at marked crosswalks and to choose safe places to play, such as neighborhood parks. Residents are encouraged to download copies of the Play It Safe Pledge and distribute them amongst their neighbors.

For more information on the program, visit the Ladera Ranch Civic Council Facebook page.

LRCC Unanimously Recommends Against Traffic Signal at O’Neill and Roanoke Intersection

At its January public meeting, the Council voted unanimously to support the County’s “Do Nothing” option at the intersection of Roanoke and O’Neill Parkway. After hearing from residents and receiving the County’s presentation, the Council determined that no changes were needed at this intersection.

To read the Council’s official recommendation, visit this link: 02.06.19_LRCC Letter to Wei Zhu_County (Roanoake & O’Neill)

Support the Ladera Ranch Civic Council

Did you know that the LRCC is funded entirely on donations? For the price of a cup of coffee, you can help support the efforts of the all-volunteer Council. The LRCC budget includes items such as liability insurance, our mailbox, office supplies, and other items. Please help support us today by clicking on the PayPal link and making a donation. Thank you!